Byron Chicken: Increasingly Rare Quality of Sincerity

Byron Chicken: Increasingly Rare Quality of Sincerity

“To be sincere is to be real, genuine. It is the absence of pretence, deceit, or hypocrisy.”

Today, Byron Chicken talks to us about the Increasingly Rare Quality of Sincerity.

He says:

Sincerity feels in such short supply in our world.

Sincerity is when someone feels that we’re real, honest and authentic in our interactions with them.

Sincerity matters. It matters in our friendships and relationships. It matters in our parenting and our leadership.

In a world of prominence and position, of big egos and influencers and loud voices, I want to become a person of sincerity. I want to keep learning to be warm, genuine, uncontrived, unpretentious. I want people to know that they matter when they’re with me. In an insincere culture, I want to keep fighting for sincerity. It’s just a better way to live.

Have a look at the clip here: