Byron Chicken – The Most Important Thing to do as Pastoral Leaders

Today, Byron asks the question, what is the single most important thing that we can do as Pastoral Leaders? There are many things that we can and should do as pastoral leaders, but what is the most important? Byron suggests that the essence of our calling as pastoral leaders is to help people find their […]

Sean Phillipps – Healthy Momentum is Consistent Momentum

Today, Sean encourages us in today’s 3-minute clip that if you want to go from good to great, then we need to go to from great to good. This referring to our Sunday services as Pastors. We often focus on the great Sunday, but Sean is encouraging us to focus even more on the good […]

Jason Render – Our Best & His Rest

In today’s 3-minute clip, Jason encourages us that there is a way to end this year strong instead of relying on the reserve tank to get us through. He encourages us with Psalm 127:1-2 which says 1 Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries […]

Trevor Coleman: The Power of a Personal Invitation

Ps. Trevor Coleman: The power of a personal invitation In our 3-minute clip today, Trevor Coleman encourages us on the power of a personal invitation and how very simply, a personal invitation is the difference between an average and an extraordinary church. In other words, if we want to have an effective transformational church, we […]

Byron Chicken: Casting Vision Well

In today’s 3min clip on being Highly Skilled and Deeply Formed, Byron Chicken focuses on casting vision well. He describes vision as giving people a picture of a preferred future and gives us 3 vital ingredients to do this effectively. Three vital ingredients to casting vision well: Moving people from here to there Speak to […]

Sean Phillipps: Moving People

Sean Phillipps talks to us about moving people towards their next steps. Encouraging us that the highest level of moving people from the crowd to the core is through staff and leaders actively and personally moving people onto their next steps on a weekly basis. 3 steps to doing this are: Train your staff and […]

Jason Render: Maintain a Healthy Heart

Today, Jason Render speaks to us on how to Maintain a Healthy Heart through the blessings and battles of life. He brings us the analogy of the vulture and the hummingbird, challenging us that we will find what we are looking for. And shares with us the principle of putting the power of prayer and […]

Trevor Coleman: The Power of a Life-Giving Atmosphere

Today, Trevor Coleman shares with the us on The Power of a Life-Giving Atmosphere, saying that atmosphere makes a difference to life and that a life-giving atmosphere – facilitates growth and creativity – incubates leadership and – encourages participation, engagement and positivity. 3 attributes to a life-giving atmosphere: It creates clarity – The more clear […]

Byron Chicken: The Right Question

Byron Chicken takes 3min to talk to us about the Power Of the Right Question, encouraging us to learn to ask the right questions and to learn to listen well. Using the Who, what, why, where, when questions within the personal, inter-personal and organisation space can bring: Bring clarity to our lives Give dignity to the […]

Sean Phillipps: A Senior Pastor’s Focus

Today, Sean Phillipps asks us this question: What is a Senior Pastor’s focus? He outlines 4 key focus areas: Vision | Teaching | Culture | Health Vision: Have a compelling vision Teaching: Invest time into teaching Culture: Rebuild staff culture Rebuild team culture Rebuild volunteer culture Rebuild church culture Health: Staff’s health Leaders’ health Church’s […]