Jason Render: Maintain a Healthy Heart

Today, Jason Render speaks to us on how to Maintain a Healthy Heart through the blessings and battles of life. He brings us the analogy of the vulture and the hummingbird, challenging us that we will find what we are looking for. And shares with us the principle of putting the power of prayer and […]

Trevor Coleman: The Power of a Life-Giving Atmosphere

Today, Trevor Coleman shares with the us on The Power of a Life-Giving Atmosphere, saying that atmosphere makes a difference to life and that a life-giving atmosphere – facilitates growth and creativity – incubates leadership and – encourages participation, engagement and positivity. 3 attributes to a life-giving atmosphere: It creates clarity – The more clear […]

Byron Chicken: The Right Question

Byron Chicken takes 3min to talk to us about the Power Of the Right Question, encouraging us to learn to ask the right questions and to learn to listen well. Using the Who, what, why, where, when questions within the personal, inter-personal and organisation space can bring: Bring clarity to our lives Give dignity to the […]

Sean Phillipps: A Senior Pastor’s Focus

Today, Sean Phillipps asks us this question: What is a Senior Pastor’s focus? He outlines 4 key focus areas: Vision | Teaching | Culture | Health Vision: Have a compelling vision Teaching: Invest time into teaching Culture: Rebuild staff culture Rebuild team culture Rebuild volunteer culture Rebuild church culture Health: Staff’s health Leaders’ health Church’s […]

Jason Render: Souls and Roles

Today, Jason Render asks us “Do we care about our senior leaders’ souls as much we care about their roles?” These leaders include senior leaders, elders, board members, senior staff, ministry team leaders etc. When it comes to discipleship, our first responsibility besides our family, should be our senior leaders. Let’s prioritise our schedule around […]

Trevor Coleman: Principles of Sacrifice and Development

Today, Trevor Coleman shares 2 key principles for leadership with us – the principles of Sacrifice and Development. Principle of Sacrifice: We need to give up to go up & we need to give up to stay up As we grow in leadership we sacrifice rights and take on more responsibility. Principle of Development: 10% […]

Byron Chicken: The Gospel We Communicate

Byron Chicken challenges us understand that it really does matter which gospel we communicate. He points to three kinds of Gospel that have been promoted over the last 60-70 years: The Gospel of Grace The Social Gospel and the Gospel of Sin Management And then he offers us an alternative: the Discipleship Led Gospel Watch […]

Sean Phillipps: In the House of God or the Presence of God

Today Sean asks us this very important question: Are we making sure that our highly skilled people are being deeply formed? Some key notes from him include: That Hophni and Phineas grew up in the house of God but Samuel grew up in the presence of God Are we making sure that our highly skilled […]

The Gift of Burden – Jonathan Fontanarosa

Ps Jonathan Fontanarosa shared an incredible word with us at our Leadership Intensives on the The Gift of Burden. Some key points from the talk includes: The Burden is best when it is IN US or else it will be ON US A burden can either be an internal revelation or an external obligation If […]

Jason Render: Having Tough Conversations

Today Jason Render speaks to us about an issue of formation & skill, that of having tough conversations. Some key points from this clip include: Are we doing this in love? 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 A lack of love will shout louder than our “rightness”. Being right is not enough. We can hurt people with our rightness. Asking ourselves: am I friend to their feelings, […]